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Food Safety and Sanitation Inspection Results

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Food Safety & Sanitation Inspection Results

Welcome to the Municipality of Anchorage food and pool inspection results page. Users can search food establishment, temporary food service and pool/spa records and view latest inspection results posted to the system. Results are available for inspections after January 1, 2000 and complaint investigations conducted after December 6, 2000. All food establishments, temporary food service and pool/spa facilities within the municipality inspected by municipal health inspectors are posted here.

Information provided on these pages is a summary and represents only what the inspector observed during an inspection. All inspections are unannounced. Violations are listed as they were noted by the inspector and not by importance. In food establishments and temporary food service, four and five point violations are most important and require immediate attention by the food facility operator.

We'd like to hear your comments and questions about this web page or about food facility inspections in general. Please contact us by:

Mail: Food Safety & Sanitation
PO Box 196650
Anchorage, AK 99519-6650

Phone: (907)-343-4200

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Express Search: Enter the first five letters of the establishment name in the Express Search field.

Contains Search: If you know only a portion of the establishment name or want to see results from all establishments containing certain characters, use the "Contains Search".

Search Tip: Entering fewer characters will yield more returns. If you are unsure of the name of an establishment, use the "Contains Search". For example, our records may have an establishment listed as "Rob's Good Food Joint" although it may be commonly called "The Good Food Joint." Since the search engine looks for character matches, entering "The Good Food Joint" will not return "Rob's Good Food Joint." Using the "Contains Search", a search for fewer characters such as "good", "food", "rob", "joint" or fragments of these words will return "Rob's Good Food Joint" and any other establishments matching those characters.

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